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The staff of Cooloola Christian Radio would like to thank you all for listening and supporting us in so many ways and we pray you will be blessed and you will keep listening.

A Big thankyou to all those who took advantage of the free "word for today" offer and chose to support cooloola christian radio by becoming members.

Membership is an important function of Cooloola Christian Radio.

As a community radio station, membership numbers help justify our license; the more members the station has the more secure our broadcasting license is.

Membership is also helpful financially. We do not receive government funding, and any grants we do receive are very few and far between.

Members are also eligible to become volunteers at the station (including announcing!), voting at the AGM and even be nominated for committee positions.

Members will also for $20 receive the very popular devotional 'The Word For Today' delivered to them each quarter along with our newsletter "Cool Waves".

Becoming a member of Cooloola Christian Radio gets you involved in sharing the Good News and providing a very "positive alternative in the Cooloola Region". So if you're not already a member, why not call the station today on (07) 54821769 or email the office and become one.

It's important!

  At Cooloola Christian Radio we love to hear how you feel about what we are doing and what is going to air in Gympie. Please email us with your opinions and suggestions.

Email us

Also pray:

  •  for the ongoing health of all the volunteers
  • that the gospel message will continue to change, encourage and help many listeners
  • for the many ministries who provide our spoken programs
  • for other Christian radio broadcasters both nationally and internationally
  • for the board members in their decision making










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