Sam Childers aka Machine Gun Preacher

Sue and Lionel talk to Sam Childers aka Machine Gun Preacher on Cooloola Christian Radio

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Frank Rassenberger

Lionel talks to ex-local Frank Rassenberger on Thursday night on Cooloola Christian Radio

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Josh' s testimony

Eric talks to local rap sensation Josh Gilliand on Friday night on Cooloola Christian Radio

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Levi McGrath

Levi McGrath who is an Independent Singer/Songwriter and an Associate Artist for World Vision amongst other things will be in Gympie for one night only. Levi has worked with former child soldiers in Uganda and will be bringing his passion, humour and unique music ability to inspire and encourage us. Levi talks to Cooloola Christian Radio as he passed through Gympie on his Tour last year.

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Eric and Monique

Eric & Monique are married singer-songwriters and musicianaries spreading the gospel through word & song. Eric and Monique talks to Cooloola Christian Radio as they passed through Gympie on their "Everlasting" Tour.

Their new Album "Everlasting" , mastered by Grammy award-winner William Bowden, is encased with motifs inspired by Isaiah 40:28, yet fleshed out in lyrics loaded with gravitas & raw honesty. Musically, it is a cinematic masterpiece woven through elements of folk, pop & alternate sounds underscoring raw and emotional vocals.

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Horatio from South American Tours

Horatiotalks to Lionel on Cooloola Christian Radio

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Jan Buchanan

Jan Buchanan talks to Kerry on Cooloola Christian Radio

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Caitlyn and Eric

Eric talks to Caitlyn Shadbolt on his friday night Show

Country girl Caitlyn Shadbolt’s angelic voice and infectious enthusiasm make a perfect package. Caitlyn’s energy is contagious and brings a smile to every audience she encounters with her new fun loving style of country music.

Since picking up a guitar and joining her first rock band at age 12, Cait has performed on many stages, from local pubs and clubs to major festivals all over Australia both solo and with a band.

Country Cait has appeared as a special guest with Lee Kernaghan, The Wolfe Brothers, Taylor Henderson, Jasmine Rae and her X Factor co-star Dean Ray.

When not touring and performing on stage, Caitlyn is the Youth Ambassador for the Gympie Region.

Go to Caitlyn's Website to see Her Latest Video!

Solomon Island Mission Trip

A bunch of local students from Cooloola Christian College are getting excited about their mission trip to the Solomon Islands.

Kara Missions

Kara is a local with a heart for missions. She is going on her second mission trip this Christmas, have a listen to the interview.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven is an American alternative rock-punk band from Southern California.

Formed in the summer of 2003 in their parent's garage in La Mirada, California. The group consists of three brothers Gil Sandoval(Vocals/Bass), Dan Sandoval(Drums), Mani Sandoval(Lead Guitar) alongside with childhood friend Josh Ledezma(Guitar).

Early influences of acts such as Third Eye Blind, The Ataris, Jimmy Eat World, and Mxpx inspired the bands early songs of teenage angst and hope driven lyrics.

Highly noted as a terrific live act amongst many christian and non-christian acts the band does not perform solely to either one market. Lyrically their albums coincide with their spirituality, personal experiences and hope.

After three years the band landed a west coast tour with a three song demo performing at public parks, parking lots, bars, churches and clubs. Their debut album "Setting Up & Tearing Down" was released in 2007 independently after struggling financially to fund their own record.

In 2009 the band was signed to indie label Live Love Records which released their second full-length album "In The Middle Of Destruction". A percentage of these album sales would support various humanitarian projects in Africa and Guatemala.

The band found itself on various tours across the U.S., Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, and Asia. In December of 2010 the band traveled to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala where they have currently sponsored a Children's Orphanage for the past five years.

Safe Haven have now released their new album 'Chasing the Sun' and have toured in Australia, Asia, Central America, Mexico, Hawaii and the U.S.

Iron and Clay

U might have heard them on the Radio...or seen them play live. U cant help but be affected by the Energy and conviction of this cutting edge bunch of young musicians. Their music - Contemporary, R&B, Dance, Acappella.

From the call of God 20 years ago, Claudio Carrasco formed a vocal group to follow his dream of reaching young people in schools in Australia. 20 years later and here we are, different members but same vision to give hope to the youth of Australia and make God's name famous! 2012 has some huge things in the pipeworks, we'll be keeping you posted!! get excited!!

Band Interests
Movies, TV series, Theme Parks, Sleeping, Markets, facebook, Reading, Shopping, eating in, eating out...

Artists We Also Like
Endless Praise, Fatis Valor, Matt Corby, Emily and Jarel,

Turning Water into Wine

If you need to be encouraged, strengthened, inspired or just challenged to keep going each day this is a book well worth reading.

The title of my book?... Jesus has taken the very ordinary things in my life and turned them into rich experiences of His Love and Grace. This book is my very own miracle. It is a book of short stories of God's hand in life; A book of inspiration; A book of encouragement; A book of stories for those people who are so busy they only have time for a short read. (100 stories for 100 days.)

Jake Garrett Foundation

Jake Garrett Foundation Update

Our aim is to raise money to financially support family's in the Gympie area that have lost a child, by donating $1000 to help with funeral expenses. All foundation expenses are paid by the Garrett family.

Helen Garrett lost her son Jake when he was 12 years old through an accident on their property. Back ground is available on the Watch Jakes Recovery facebook page. Our aim is to support family's with the cost of their child's funeral. It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to support a family that has lost a child. Let that village be ours!!!!!

If you would like to make a donation you can make one at any of these very generous businesses:

Kandanga Snack Bar, Rattler Cafe, Imbil 4 Square, Landmark, Park Lane Garden Centre, Gympie Packaging, Amamoor Store, KD Moto, Hair Techniques, Fishermans Haul, Tom Grady Rural Merch. at Tozer St & Nash St, PC Place & LC Automotive.

Or direct deposit at Suncorp to HM Garrett (trustee) bsb: 484-799 a/c 070352730. Thank you for your support!!!!!!

Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is an internationally recognized Aid and Development oganisation existing to end child sexual slavery and extreme poverty!

Destiny Rescue was founded in Australia in 2001 with a passion to making the world a place free from slavery, abuse and poverty. They do this by identifying at-risk children and families in desperate need and empowering them to change the world around them...

Since Destiny Rescue was established, it has been their goal to send 100% of child sponsorship funds overseas to help the children and families within their programs. All administration costs are raised separately to child sponsorship funds. This is something they have and are continuing to achieve!

Along with their projects in Cambodia, India, Mozambique and Thailand, They have a combined goal of creating projects that will run in all third world and developing nations as funding continues to increase.

Care Outreach

Care Outreach is a non-denominational Christian organisation with a vision to see 'Transformed Lives and Communities in the Heart of Australia.'


To care for the physical emotional and spiritual well-being of people in Rural and Remote Australia.


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